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Step One

Understanding what happened to your upper cervical spine is our priority here at Corrective Care Chiropractic. It helps us gauge the severity of the cervical subluxation and the number of adjustments you would need to correct your posture. To do that, we need to use X-ray scans and check your nerve health.

Step Two

After confirming the presence of cervical misalignment, we will perform a more thorough and specific 3D X-ray scan. This allows us to get exact measurements of the C1 and C2 bones and provide you with life-changing cervical adjustments.

Step Three

The last step involves carrying out the required adjustments and ensuring that you see improvements in your cervical spine posture. It’s a delicate process that requires putting minimal pressure on the affected areas of the neck. This way, your topmost neck bones can shift back to their proper places, and you can experience changes in your health.

Once we complete the procedure, we will recheck the structure using X-rays scans. The results from the scan will allow us to determine whether your bones have shifted back or you need to receive additional adjustments.

We strongly advise consulting with Dr. Christopher Tabick D.C. or Dr. Aaron Alvarado, our certified Knee Chest Chiropractic doctors, because each patient is different. The consultation will give you a clear picture of the average length of time you need to wait until you see results.

Here at Corrective Care Chiropractic, we aim to help you with various health problems, ranging from vertigo attacks to recurring migraine episodes. With our thorough and gentle neck bone adjustments, we hope to provide you with hope and healing so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Choose natural, lasting healing today!

No matter how simple or severe your problems are with your health, Upper Cervical Care can help. Schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our Upper Cervical Chiropractors in Brooklyn, NY today by calling (718) 745-8177 or clicking the button below.


Break free from pain, so you can get back to doing the things you love.
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Complimentary Consult

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Our office recognizes "Brainstem compression" and the negative implications to your quality of life. We believe everyone deserves a healthy life, free of "Brainstem compression".

Remember, we are here because SPECIFIC CHIROPRACTIC WORKS!

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