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Christopher Tabick D.C.


Dr. Tabick has been helping people find their way to wellness since 1994. Teaching hundreds of Doctors the methods of Specific Chiropractic, patients have greater access to Specific Chiropractors. Dr. Tabick has travelled the world as an Ambassador of Health for Kale Networks and Foundation adjusting sick people in several different countries before starting his New York practice in December 1998.

Dr. Tabick is one of approximately 800 practitioners of “Brainstem Specific” chiropractic in the world. His clinical experience includes caring for over 9,500 patients including over 210,000 patients visits. Having developed a reputation as one of the most experienced upper cervical doctors in the world, Dr. Tabick specializes in helping people who have been told there is no hope.

Recently Dr. Tabick was honored by the Rivkah Laufer Bikur Cholim. This prestigious award Doctor of the year award was presented “with great admiration” to Dr. Tabick to honor his “true compassion and kindness” and states that he is “someone who day by day utilizes his intelligence and skill to help so many." "His talent and good judgment lighten the burden of those in need.”


Dr. Christopher J. Tabick, a licensed Specific Chiropractor, practicing in Brooklyn, New York, is unique as only one of several practicing “BrainStem" Specific Chiropractors in New York State, after a confluence of personal factors galvanized him to initiate his career, and his life's mission. As a seventeen year old, Dr. Tabick had survived a serious automobile accident which resulted in a head trauma injury, where he suffered severe headaches, neck pain and a cognitive inability to focus.

Dr. Tabick candidly recalls, "At the request of a friend, I was recommended to a general Chiropractor in Long Island, and began to receive correction for these conditions. After a two to three month period, I began to see substantial improvement. My correction with the doctor was completed in a four month time-frame, and my symptoms cleared up entirely. Inspired by this, Dr. Tabick enrolled in Life Chiropractic University. While at the university he met world renown Dr. Miccorrect Kale, a "Brainstem specialist" in the Science of Chiropractic, and began to receive Specific Chiropractic care. “But to my surprise, I was two months out of correction when I realized I had reached a turning point."

That 'turning point' proved a resolution to a disturbing medical condition with which he had been diagnosed by doctors at several stages in his adolescent years, indicating that he would be unable to biologically father children. To his delight, following the “Brainstem” Chiropractic care, he discovered a serendipitous, yet unforeseen outcome of the correction he received, for it remedied that distressful condition.

Dr. Tabick, who is the proud father of four children, underscores, "I was diagnosed multiple times throughout my teenage life and I got the same response from several doctors, that I would not ever father children. Yet, although nothing else was done in terms of any other modality of correction- not diet, nor medication- after I completed the “Brainstem" care, I realized I was corrected from my condition. I knew at that moment that not only did I need to learn this "Brainstem procedure", but I needed to give back to anyone in need of help."

His epiphany would prompt him to jump-start his own career as a "Brain Stem" Chiropractor, a specialty likewise termed "Specific Chiropractor."


  • Life University - Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Kale Network - "Brainstem Specialist" in the science of Chiropractic
  • Kale foundation - Ambassador of foreign mission 1994 - 1997
  • Doctor of the Year - RIVKAH LAUFER BIKUR CHOLIM - October 2010
  • Outstanding Leadership Award - Kale Foundation - 1999
  • Unending Commitment in Service award - Kale Network - 2002

Association Membership

  • NYS Chiropractic Council member since 2004

Aaron Alvarado D.C.

Chiropractor - New York Office

Dr. Aaron Alvarado graduated from Parker University in Dallas, Texas, in 2023. Born in El Paso, Texas, and raised in Mexico, Dr. Alvarado's journey into chiropractic care began with a childhood soccer injury. A severe back injury from a fall left him in pain for months, and he feared he might never play again. Chiropractic care not only rehabilitated his injury but also reignited his passion for sports.

This transformative experience inspired Dr. Alvarado to pursue a career that combines sports and medicine, dedicating his life to helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle. While in Dallas, he worked alongside Dr. Bryan Weddle, a respected chiropractor who significantly influenced his path into chiropractic school.

Fluent in Spanish and embracing both cultures, Dr. Alvarado provides compassionate care to a diverse patient base. Married for two years, he and his wife share their home with two beloved pugs. Dr. Alvarado's mission is to serve as many people as possible, helping them find their way to better health and well-being.


Chief Operations Officer

Alyssa was raised in Brooklyn and has been the office's Chief Operations Officer since 2021 - has been under Dr. Tabick since before she held the position. Not only does she handle the practice's financials, but she also attends to the needs of patients as they go through their care plans. Meeting them with her warm smile at the door, she reassures patients that they'll be taken care of.


Patient Communications Manager

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and a Chiropractic patient of over 19 years. She is a former Doctor's Assistant, has been working at the office for 6 years since she was 14 and a patient for over 10 years. She makes appointments a breeze for patients as she helps work around the convenience of their schedules

Marketing and Communications


Director of Marketing Communications and Media

Hope is a former doctors' assistant, she has been working for the office for over 9 years since she was 14 and a patient for over 20 years. She now works on marketing and communications for the office, serving the benefit of others.


Campaign Manager - New York Office

Jaylene has been our Marketing Assistant since 2022. She has witnessed the incredible care that patients have received and has experienced the joy of serving them. She looks forward to creating a safe and informative environment where patients continue to feel taken care of.


Break free from pain, so you can get back to doing the things you love.
Enjoy a brighter future, and be healthier than you ever thought possible!
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